About us

Managing director

We have achieved success through our highly qualified and motivated team by making efforts to meet further challenges.

With more than 25 years of experience we continue to grow and prosper under the leadership of our managing director Mr. V. SURESHKUMAR.

About ESS Group

Established in the year 1990,We are a privately owned nationally recognized company for the development and manufacture of a varied range of products. We are continuously evolving by our customized R&D activities with present & future needs of various engineering components to provide exact solutions. Product development is closely linked to ever changing requirement of our valued customers with sustainable production process and developing cost effective solutions. With more than 30 years of experience we continue to grow and prosper under the leadership of our Founder Mr. V. SURESHKUMAR. Currently we have four dedicated manufacturing units with various capacities in machining and plastic products. Since we are serving the industry with dedication and perfection our products are widely used in different industries. Our Company offers good quality products at competitive rate. With our products and services, we have acquired an immense client base, spread all around the globe.

We at ESS is committed to quality from the time the order is placed till the delivery of the order and all the processes related. We have the ability and expertise to provide the same. We are totally customer focused & work in close flexible partnership with our clients to ensure a seamless service to meet and often exceed their expectations. We are the pioneers and leading manufacturer and supplier of various items like electrical switch boxes& accessories, engineering plastic components and manufacture of tools and dies. The company has earned tremendous success which is owed to the constant belief in fulfilling its sole aim

Our vision

The vision of the organization is to remain at top in the mind of customers and business associates as a trust worthy partner for ever.

Our Mission

Quality at the most cost-effective price is the supreme core value of ESS. It shall be manifested in the excellent result of our individual and co-operative work. It shall be our way of life.

We are serving the industry with dedication and perfection. Our products are widely used in different industries.

Main objectives of our organization are


To provide quality products to our clients at a minimal rate


To assure the safety of our products


To increase the reputation and goodwill of the organization

As a part of our endeavors to fulfill this aim, we have developed a comprehensive range of impeccable products.